My name is in the title of the blog so really there should be no confustion as to what my name is, but it doesn’t really do much in explaining who I am.

I, Conor O’Leary am an aspiring dictator.  Hell-bent on world domination and eventual “Over-Lord” status. (If this ever does eventuate, just imagine how funny will it be to see news reports saying, “We should have known… It was on his blog!”.

In all honesty though, this is my place for posting all kinds of this.  Although, it will probably be mostly concering the many different topics I’m learning while at university. Speaking of which, I may as well explain that I’m currently completeing a Bachelor of Communications & Media Studies/ Bachelor of International Studies (I’m sure you can now see where the “world dominaition” thing comes in now, hey).

I’m big into sneakers, eating and taking photos of the beautiful city of Sydney, so if you are in anyway interested in those things, take a look at my instagram @conor_oleary.

Enjoy my ramblings, and have a very pleasant day.


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