Live In The Now


What a time to be alive, it’s amazing to think about how far human communication has come in the past 200 years or so.  From the then incredible 8 words per minute using the Telegraph in 1866 to the now instantaneous nature of our messaging over the internet our interactions have changed dramatically.  The critique of the telegraph claiming that it was “too fast for the truth” definitely mirrors the sentiments of modern messaging methods whereby you’re expected to reply as soon as you receive the message (a frustration that I’ve experienced on both sides).  Though it is interesting to consider the advancements that I have experienced in my life short lifetime.  From the massive PCs and brick phones Dad had brought home in my younger years, to now having the ability the access the world from my pocket.

*The Jospeh Ducreux meme is obviously not being used in the original context, but I do feel works with the caption.


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