Obligatory Introductory Post-ory ;)

Sooooooooo introductions, eh?

Although I have already written a welcome type post on this blog, it was a year and a half ago for BCM110.  So I do suppose that another wouldn’t hurt at all.  I’m Conor (I know right, what a shocker, the name of the blog wasn’t lying holy shit), and I’m a second year B Media & Communications/ B International Studies student majoring in Advertising, Marketing & PR.

My role in the ‘media space’ is that of a near addict.  I am constantly on my phone refreshing various social media platforms in fear that I’ll miss out on something if I look away.  However, most of the time it is usually like the fridge at home, in that you keep opening it but nothing ever changes. (Even now, trying to write this post has me checking back and forth through tabs of facebook and instagram.)

It’s funny to think that I’m part of the last group of people who will know what it’s like to grow up without the internet being a a major part of childhood.  Kind of like the last group to not have a device in their hand at birth.  All the time I see people uploading photos of a group of friends together, but they’re all on their phones.  Through the media we have become more and less connected than ever before, and that’s a scary thought for human interactions to come.

So without sounding like a middle-aged ‘mommy’ blogger posting inspirational quotes, let’s see what the future holds for my media space and presence.


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