Open, Closed, Open, Closed, Open, Closed…

iOS vs Android, a debate that starts the minute anyone talks about a mobile phone.  People will always have their own reasons for choosing either side, whether it is the ease of use or the personal choice in customisation.  I for one swear by my iPhone as one of my greatest investments, it has everything that I could need in a phone, and if I really wanted to I could just jailbreak it and customise it however I pleased.  I find the arguments about the two platforms pretty dull and rather ridiculous.  Although it is annoying to have to download and constantly update a service such as iTunes, the closed platform works to my needs perfectly.

Meme created by Myself, with a little help from


2 thoughts on “Open, Closed, Open, Closed, Open, Closed…

  1. Couldn’t agree with your point about the argument of Android vs Apple being ridiculous. At the end of the day it is the consumers choice and we shouldn’t be influenced by people who are totally biased towards one brand.

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