Copyright Laws, and Content Protection

The above image is the album cover for New Order’s 1983 ‘Power, Corruption & Lies’, which was designed by Peter Saville.  But it is a reproduction of the painting “A Basket of Roses” by French artist Henri Fantin-Latour.  More recently the image has been used by legendary New York skate brand Supreme, on their PCL pullover and shorts combo for FW14.  Due to the copyright laws in France, the image is now outside of its copyright period and people have free use of the image.



When I first thought about what to write regarding copyright laws and the protection of content creators, I considered just taking large chunks of other peoples blog posts on the matter, and sticking them into mine as a sort of ‘method acting-esque’ copyright breach.  But I don’t suppose it would have been looked on too kindly.

On the matter of content, I strongly believe the ‘original’ creators and artists who publish their work should have adequate protection (and be adequately compensated when their work is stolen).  But I also believe there should some amount of freedom for the remixing and re-using of this content.

I can imagine that there is only so far we can go before it is close to impossible to create works that are wholly original and not in some way breaching copyright laws.

The biggest thing we should take from this ties is with the famous idiom that you should “give credit where credit is due.”  If I knew who first coined the phrase, I would have given them credit, but alas it was not to be.


One thought on “Copyright Laws, and Content Protection

  1. I really like how you have considered both perspectives of ‘right’ and ‘wrong’ when it comes to copyright. I agree with you on the fact that the original creators of a certain medium should be protected, and I also believe that online consumers should be given the freedom to share and re-use other peoples content without the implications of copyright laws. This is a great point you have raised here.

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