A Thoughtful Consideration

To be thoughtful about this “blogging” experience is to be critical I suppose.  This hasn’t been my first experience at blogging, but to be fair it is more of an image blog (shameless self-promotion).

But I’m not really sure if what we were doing could really be considered “blogging”, I feel it was more just a way to get us to write short essay type pieces without the burden of calling them essays. 

In saying that, it was interesting to investigate the different topics we had to cover.  From that violent little girl smacking the bouncy doll (media effects), to the fall of Miley Cyrus (children and the media) and everything in between, it has been an unusual 6 weeks in BCM110.

Prior to starting this subject I would have said I had a rather good understanding of the current media in general, but this experience of having to critically analyse different aspects has enriched my understanding even further.

Another part of this project that I really enjoyed was exploring media ownership both in Australia and globally.  I was well aware about the big players in the industry, but not so much about their reach or the extent in which they influence the media.

By far and away the greatest part of this whole WordPress experience has been reading other students posts and gaining a better understanding into others thoughts on the media and life in general.  There were certainly some very controversial comment threads on different posts, which coincidently relates to the topic for our 5th blog posts, the public sphere.

All in all, I don’t think this was the best experience at actual blogging, but the insight and information gained on the industry was truly worthwhile.

So here’s to the next 6 or so weeks!


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