“It seems today, that all you see…”

Yes, it may be true that what we are constantly bombarded with may in fact be SEX, VIOLENCE, DRUGS and other ‘sinister’ themes and actions, but that is what our society craves when it looks to the media.  It is like people want to see the bad things that happen in the world, they want to witness tragedies or anti-social behaviours.

When we talk about ‘old fashioned values’, that’s exactly what they are; old fashioned.  Our society has progressed from the times when women couldn’t show their shoulders or ankles.  Our perceptions of what it right and wrong have evolved from what they were 10, 25 and definitely 50 years ago.

It would be absurd to say that the media has no effect on us as a culture, it’s all around us, and unless you want to join a remote tribe in the amazon, it’s virtually inescapable.  But can it really be blamed for our many issues.

The ‘effects’ model would suggest that this is the case, but we can see that it also presents many problems.  It works backwards to deduce the cause of such acts as being the media by finding cases that could be construed as the by-product of mass media exposure.

Around early October last year, a house near my area caught fire due to an explosion.  It was later revealed that the explosion was due to a home methylamphetamine operation.  “WHAT DID THE HEADLINES READ?!?!” I’m sure you’re asking, well of course they all had something (1,2 and 3) to do with AMC’s Breaking Bad television series, (which coincidently was premiering its final season the following week).

So was it really a copycat crime due to the media’s brainwashing and desensitising nature, or was it just an illegal act that the news networks needed a label for?


such intro… much foreword… very preface… wow


Hmmm, well, um, ah…

I guess I should start this off by introducing myself.  If you haven’t already gathered, my name is Conor O’Leary.  I’m 18, straight outta High School and very carfully stepping into my first year of University at UOW.  The I suppose the plan is that I complete my; Bachelor of Communications and Media Studies/ Bachelor of International Studies, in the 4.5 years recommended, but who knows what will happen.  I’m hoping to major in Advertising/ Marketing for the BCM course and my language minor for INTS is French, so yeah.

I’m from a suburb on the outter edge of the infamous Sutherland Shire, so it’s about an hour on the train to and from the uni each day.  I’m the type of person that will get addicted to a certain television show and just stream it constantly until I’ve watched every episode in like a week, at the moment it’s Mad Men.  When it comes to music I don’t really have a preference in genre, I will seriously give anything a good listen.  I can go from listening to The Smiths, to Ta-ku or Childish Gambino.

My biggest interest however is sneakers.  I’m absolutely obsessed with footwear, it consumes my every moment.  It all started with the first pair of Chuck Taylor’s I bought for myself when I was 12, ever since I have been slowly building up a pretty ecceltic and impressive collection.  But the sneaker culture has defintiely become a massive part of in more recent years.  Once I finish my degree I defintely want to work with footwear or fashion to some degree, be it here or overseas.

I have another blog that I update not as frequently as I used to, but if you want to check it out…

So that’s me, or at least as much as I’m willing to tell you in my first post.